LIA’s investment in systems and technology enable it to efficiently and effectively
administer the most complex employee benefit plans, and comply with all regulatory and reporting
                         requirements. It utilizes the basys third party software, one of the most powerful, adaptable
                         and flexible systems available. This system can provide extremely useful analytical information for plan                          professionals and consultants, which is important in today’s environment where managing and controlling                          costs is so important.
The use of technology is a key component to the efficient and accurate administration of benefit plans. LIA continues to develop and adopt proven technologies to assure seamless administration while employing state-of-the-art security, applications, and procedures to protect Trust assets and Personal Health Information (PHI).   All while assuring compliance with ERISA, COBRA, HIPPA and the many other regulations affecting employee benefit plans.

Adaptability LIA's in house programming staff has decades of experience with developing and maintaining specialized applications for benefits administration allowing us the flexibility to readily accomodate plan changes and updates.

Infrastructure LIA's technology infrastructure is built on a solid foundation of proven systems from IBM, Sun, Cisco, HP and other leading hardware and software providers.

Data Management LIA has invested heavily to ensure that we offer the best data management system for our clients.

Security LIA has adopted the practice of allowing the minimal amount of access to preform each job function. This coupled with multi-tiered security systems, and a sound recovery plan, ensures that the data on our network remains secure and incident free.

Regulatory Compliance LIA has conditioned the infrastructure to be fully compliant with HIPAA privacy and security standards and their requirements for data handling and electronic data interchange (EDI).

the Lipman IT advantage...